Wednesday, June 17, 2009

memorial day

wait... what? it was over 3 weeks ago?? ok so i am a little behind.

i really don't have an excuse. i mean i am trying to take care of an almost 3 year old who is in the middle of potty training, along with a 3 month old who is teething (yes. seriously. at 3 months). i also had to spend some time with my best friend from california who was visiting, because it would've been rude not to! and i also started college (yep... at 26... just now starting school). and i need to keep the house cleaned, bills caught up with, dinners made, etc. although 99% of the time i'd rather blog than do the latter ;)

all that said, i'm just now blogging about our fabulous memorial day. and if it wasn't fabulous, i wouldn't blog about it. but it was, and i have some beautiful pictures to show for it. we are blessed with the best friends in the world!

jamie & heather just moved into their new, beautiful house, so we all got together there. the guys grilled outside, the kids played in the water, & the gals sat in the air conditioned house and talked

after eating we all went for a walk. it was a beautiful day and in the neighborhood jamie & heather live in there's a private dock & boat launch into the tennessee river, which is where we headed. we managed to get a couple semi-decent family pictures

this is sean & his girlfriend elana (jamie & heather's daughter). they are just too cute together!
i love this picture of "uncle gary" and all the kids (minus nolan). they were loving watching all the boats, jet skis, & sea doos go by

this is where nolan was

all the lovely ladies plus leann's niece who was visiting from ms (back- christie, me, leann, carol front- heather, leann's cousin)

this picture cracks me up. i love how the daddies are either pushing the strollers or holding the children and the mommies are taking pictures. that's how it should be!

warm weather, blue skies, cool water, yummy food, loving family, good friends, and awesome pictures- can a memorial day get much better than that??

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Shillawna Ruffner Photography said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!!!