Thursday, April 26, 2012

that hair!!

So lets just pretend for a couple minutes that it is the middle of January & Pax is one week shy of being 4 months old (instead of just a few days older than 7 months old!).  Ok... are we all on the same page now?  Good, now we can move on.

Pax's hair is amazing.  It has been since the second he was born.  It's thick & dark & long & does it's own thing.  Everyone comments on it everywhere we go.  It suits him. But it was getting long.  Too long.  Use this picture as an example- it is almost down to his chin!
So, at under 4 months old, Pax got his first haircut.  My friend Breanne is amazing & does all of our hair (except Dathan, because all he uses are clippers!) so of course she is who I asked to do the honor of cutting Pax's hair for the first time.  She's a pro, even though she said Pax was officially her youngest customer she's ever had!
 Pax sat very still in his bumbo.  He did SO good!  It didn't seem to bother him one bit that someone was tugging on his hair.
 011812_2041 copyA 
At the very end he got slightly fussy.  And honestly I think it was just because we kept having to turn his head in the same direction for her to cut part of it straight.  But this sweet little face?  That's the worst of it.  Best haircut client ever!
I forgot to take an "after" picture the day of the haircut, but this one was taken a few days later. 
Everyone was freaking out about us cutting his hair.  I'm not sure what they were thinking we'd do to it, but all we wanted was the same style he already had, just shorter. :)

Now lets fast-forward to last week... when Pax needed a haircut again already!  So we decided this time to go a bit shorter, because it grows so fast & it was starting to warm up outside.  He now looks like an older, completely different baby!!  But still SO cute!!

 Oh, and you know how I said he sat so still for Breanne the first time around?  Yeah... definitely not this time! Ha!  He was squirming SO much and trying to grab the scissors and the comb.  At one point I had to put my cheek next to his so that he would stop looking around.  He's a busy boy!! :)

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