Monday, August 22, 2011

look this way!!!

Last week we had a BBQ at my grandparents house where almost all of our family was there- meaning my grandparents with their 5 kids, 3 sons in laws, 7/8 grandkids, 2/3 step-grandkids, 3/4 grandkid-in-laws, and all but 2 of their great-grandkids (My brother, his wife, & their son weren't there because they live in England! And then of course our little guy was "there" but not there yet. Ha!).  Whew!  There were also some significant others at the party.  I think 30 something people... what a blast!

We tried to get a photo of my grandparents with all of their great-grandkids that were there.  Boy was that a job!  Considering there were 9 of them. And the oldest was 6. And 7 of them were boys. Not to mention my grandpa was as bad as the little ones trying to get him to look at the camera too.  Sooo... even with a gazillion parents & grandparents standing behind me trying to get all the kids to look (forget smiling too- just looking was a hard enough job!) these were the best shots we got...

... And they are HYSTERICAL.  Please pay close attention to the 4 boys in the front (my two plus my cousin Mandi's two, Jacob & Aaron)... we were rolling!!!!

2blog 01
2blog 02
2blog 03
2blog 05
2blog 06
And this one was the "winner" of the whole batch! Ha!
2blog 04
Gotta love it!  We sure do!

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