Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Royal Family Kids camp- Monday

Monday is a VERY exciting day in camp- the kids come!!!  Our mornings start out early with breakfast and final preparations.  The majority of the core staff (plain blue shirts) went down to the church on the registration team, and my mom & I stayed back to hold down the fort ;)

After breakfast we had 4 different groups in what we call the "circle of prayer."  Each group prays over specific important areas of camp, claiming that ground as holy & committing it to the Lord.  So we prayed over the dining hall...
5blog 01
All of the cabins...
5blog 02
The chapel...
5blog 03
And the pool, activity, and dress up centers.
5blog 04
Soon after prayer the trailer gets there and starts dividing the kids luggage up by what cabins they belong in.  It's go-time at this point.  The counselors rush to get the stuff to their rooms before the kids get here (usually the buses are about 15 minutes behind the luggage).
5blog 05
Then... it's time.  One of my favorite times of the week.  Gets me teary-eyed every year I have gone (did I mention that this year was my 10th camp?? I started young! ha!).  We make signs with the kids' names on them to hold, and the group of volunteers erupt in cheering & excitement as the buses pull up & the kids get out of them.  This is the moment we all wait for... the reason why we are there- THE KIDS!  The kids have to try to find their name (which is being held by their counselor) so they know where to go :)
5blog 06
5blog 07
This is actually the last picture I have from Monday!  Because we were RUNNING after the kids got there.  As the photographers we get each cabin to come out and take a picture of the camper by themselves, then the camper with their counselor, then the camper with the associate staff (teen) in their room.  Then we have lunch.  Then they go back to their rooms for a little bit before outdoor water play, pool time, and activity center (wood working, crafts, painting, dress-up, etc).  As the photographers we try to take a picture of each child in each specific activity we do during the day.  And we try to get the majority of them taken Monday so we have a lot of time to divide them into their different photo albums.  After all the afternoon activity time is over the kids go back to their rooms to clean up for dinner, go to dinner, and then chapel.  After chapel they have a snack with the "grandmas & grandpas" of camp before they go to their cabins to get ready for bed & lights out.  It's a whirlwind of a day, but worth every ounce of energy you give!

Stay tuned for Tuesday... ;)

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