Saturday, July 30, 2011

pool party!

I love summer because it is full of parties with friends and lots of good food!   We had a pool party at one of our pastor's house for our marriage matters class, and I made this hit to serve for dessert: banana pudding.  You can click here for my recipe (and some pretty bad pics LOL).  I don't like bananas so I actually don't eat it, but it seems to be a winner with everyone else!
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We drove out to our friends house and jumped in their pool.  It was HOT (I think 105) so the pool felt great.  Dathan & I LOVE to swim & the boys do too, which is wonderful for all of us!
2blog 02
In fact, Nolan is our fearless child.  He always asks to be thrown higher. Or go under. Again daddy again!
2blog 03
Sean is more cautious in the pool. He also always wears his goggles and "snoogle" (snorkel).
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We stopped swimming long enough to eat a potluck dinner with carne asada as the main course... yummy!  Then some of the kids played a mini game of baseball.  We were impressed with how good Sean did!
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We went back in the pool for awhile.  Dathan & Nolan came up with this fun game where Dathan would toss Nolan in the air, jump off the rocks, catch Nolan, and land in the water.  It gave everyone a heart attack but they both loved it & I knew that Dathan would catch him so I wasn't worried ;)
2blog 07
Then later in the evening we ate dessert.  Nolan loved the banana pudding.  And then he started crawling around and being silly in the grass, and before he realized it the dog ate the rest of his dessert.  So funny!
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Our family could swim every day if we had the time!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  And then when it's with friends it's even better!


Peyton's Pages said...

Oh my goodness, Nolan and Dathan's game would have given me a heart attack, too! That banana pudding looks so good! Despite you not being a fan of bananas have you at least tried the pudding?

Nancy said...

Looks like fun & that dessert looks DIVINE!
How is your pregnancy going?!
Hope you are feeling good!!