Monday, May 23, 2011

pregnancy hormones??

Ok so I'm not sure if it's my pregnancy hormones (which, by the way, this pregnancy is going great!  I keep saying it's a good thing I've had ultrasounds because I don't feel pregnant... besides the random hormonal episodes LOL) or the fact that I have had a lot of free time and so I've had time to think (maybe too much).  Either way, I have been thinking about things that bug me.

Yep, you read that right.  Every so often, positive, upbeat Erica gets bugged.
It's true.
Want to know a few things that bug me??
Well here are some, in no particular order:

1.) When people announce other people's business on FB (I'm sure it happens on Twitter too but I don't tweet ;)).  For example: if you are not the one who had the baby (or took part in... ahem... making the baby), you should not be the one posting that the baby is born.  I know you are excited, but wait a little bit until the mom or dad get to announce it first themselves.  Thanks.

2.) When parents put caffeinated soda (or sweet tea here in the south) in their kids' sippy cups. And if that is a beverage you do choose to give your toddler, please do not complain when they won't take a nap or go to bed at night. I can probably explain to you why...

3.) When people complain. Ha!  Because I suppose I'm complaining in this post. But I guess I mean those who complain about everything. EVERYTHING. Even happy things, they find something annoying in it. Ugh.

4.) When people think everything is all about them. There is a difference between being able to relate to things and just trying to turn the conversation on yourself.  Have you ever just wanted to tell someone "It's not about you!"?  Or am I the only one?? ;)

5.) When people drive BELOW the speed limit. Especially somewhere where you cannot pass them.  Can you say road rage?  Ok maybe not really, but it is SO annoying!

I'm sure I have more, but as I typed these out I already felt better so I'm going to stop.  I meant this post more to be funny (or my lame attempt at being humorous) because I really do try to look at the good in everything.  But truthfully, I'm human, and some things just really bug me! ;)
What kind of things bug you??

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Sassy Amie said...

I COMPLETELY agree with #1. My friend's sister announced on FB that my friend was pregnant! I know I would have been upset. That wasn't her info to tell!

I'm glad your pregnancy is going well! How long will you be in Alabama??