Saturday, May 21, 2011

back to our favorite spot

When we lived here in Alabama, Deibert Park was one of our favorite places to go.  It's a beautiful park with man-made ponds (lakes? I'm not sure what you would call them) full of geese, fish, & turtles, walking trails, and a really fun playground.  It is a blast!  So of course, much of our visit here had to be spent there.  It was really fun for Nolan because he doesn't remember the park (Sean does & was SO excited to go back).  We got lunch one day & headed into the gazebo on the water to eat & feed the geese & turtles.  Of course I didn't think to bring food so half of my lunch ended up in the water, but that was OK.  All I had to do was look at this little face & hear him squeal with joy every time he threw a french fry, and it made not eating half my lunch totally worth it!
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This turtle & goose were going for the same piece of french fry!
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Please note what Nolan's shirt says (hand me down from Sean) and how he is covered in marker. Ha!
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It was VERY hot this day.  Poor Nolan, you can't help but say the southern phrase "bless his heart" when you look at this photo!
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Sean was so sweaty his long hair was sticking on his forehead.
8blog 07
I LOVE watching the boys play together & interact with each other.  It brings so much joy to my heart.  I pray they will be the best of friends growing up, and equally as close with their new brother coming!
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Of course when we left we had to stop by Sonic's happy hour for some slushies for the boys and a half sweet tea half unsweet tea for me (sweet tea is just TOO sweet for this California girl!).  The first of many trips to Deibert Park!

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