Friday, May 13, 2011

my mother's day gift

This year we had a pretty low-key Mother's Day.  We are in Alabama and got to spend the day with Dathan's mom & his sister Stephani (who is a mom as well).  My next post I will tell more of our day, but I wanted to share my gift I received :)  I was looking everywhere for a recent, nice photo of me with both boys to post on Mother's Day and I realized... I didn't have one.  I would have one with just Sean or one with just Nolan, but not a good one of both of them with me.  So that is what I asked for... a nice picture of me & my boys :)  That, paired with the promise of a popsicle, resulted in a pretty decent mini-shoot (Dathan took the photos with my camera and did a great job).  This is my favorite & the winner of the day:
5blog 04
They are both wearing their PJ shirts that they wore to bed the night before... and wore under their nice shirts to church.  That's real life, folks ;)

Here are some of the other ones that are cute or funny.  I wasn't going to post a lot of these because I am really self-conscious (as most other women are) but they are too precious to leave behind.  The lighting was gorgeous and we just walked out to Dathan's parents' back pasture to take these- beautiful!
5blog 01
I didn't get the memo to put my hand on my hip for this one...
5blog 02
Nolan is serious the majority of the time.
5blog 03
had to take a couple to the side to get baby brother in the pic ;)
5blog 05
so sad :(
5blog 06
angry... or strong... I can't remember and they look similar! ha!
5blog 07

The boys gave me a beautiful card & Dathan even wrote a poem on it for me.  I know this post is long already, but I had to share the poem!

There are some mothers who come
And some mothers who go
Some mothers can cook
And others can sew
Some are very crafty
And make things with their hands
While others work in offices
In a job with high demands
There are many sorts of mommies
But you stand out from amongst them all
There should be awards for you
That we'd hang up on the wall
You're beautiful and smart
And creative to boot
And on top of all that
You're also very cute
Your children, they adore you,
And so do I as well
There's no one out there quite like you
So far as I can tell
We're very blessed to have you
And I hope you understand
That we'd be lost without you
Yes our lostness would be grand
So in conclusion of this poem
We really want to say
We really really hope that you
Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

Haha isn't that adorable?  He should sell it to a card company!


Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures, Erica!! You are a wonderful Mommy!

A Family of Love said...

Great pictures! Your husband wrote a beautiful poem!