Sunday, May 29, 2011

family birmingham getaway: day 2

SO many pictures!  Just letting you know ;)

On Saturday of our Birmingham family trip we all went to the McWane Science Center in downtown.  We had never been there and were excited to see what all they had to offer.  We found a place to park and had fun finding spots to take pictures as we were walking to the McWane Center.
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When you first walked in they had the funnest contraption where the balls would fall & fly around & go on these tracks, and we all stood there mesmerized by it for about 10 minutes.  Dathan & I saw one of these when we went on a missions trip to New Orleans right after the hurricane & stopped at the children's hospital to deliver toys to the kids.  We were mesmerized by it then too, and we didn't have any kids yet ;)
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There were SO many things to do in the McWane Center!  We were there all day & didn't even get to see the top floor (it was closed for renovations).  The kids were WIPED by the time we left.  Here's a peek into all the fun:
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The dinosaurs were by far the boys favorite part of the museum!
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They even got to dig for dinos like archaeologists, and they loved it.  They looked too cute in their goggles & brushing the "bones" off.
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This little strange thing was a close second for a favorite of the Stephens' clan ;)
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This bike was hanging over the lobby, off of the 2nd floor.  Dathan, Kathy (his mom), and Stephani (his sister) all got to ride on it (no pregnant women allowed).  It looked like a lot of fun!
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By about 4:00 that afternoon the kids were done, and we left to drive home.  The boys were out in the car in no time: proof of a fun & full day!
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Thanks Randall & Kathy for such a fun couple of days & all the great memories we made!!

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Nancy said...

Love it! Kenlee loves that digging area!
So glad you had fun in Birmingham!