Tuesday, May 17, 2011

12 on Tuesday: Alabama version

I'm doing a little spin on my normal 10 on Tuesday and doing 12... mainly because there are 12 things I'd like to share this week instead of 10 ;)  The theme for this week is all the outdoor fun that we get to have while visiting Dathan's parents out in the country.  Definitely not what we get to experience living in southern California.  For Sean it's so fun because he has lots of memories that he is getting to experience again.  For Nolan it's so fun because it's all new & exciting to him!

1.) A few days before we got here, one of Randall's horses had a baby (Randall is Dathan's dad).  My boys were SO excited to go out and try to find the baby house.  I love these pics of them looking for the horse- the one on the right is when they saw her & got so excited!
3blog 01
2.) I couldn't get over how adorable the two of them looked standing on this fence looking out on the field.
3blog 02
3.) They ran to go see the baby horse & she walked right up to them (with her momma).  The boys were SO excited!  I believe Nolan was saying "Mommy look!" :)
3blog 03
4.) Then the baby horse stuck her nose out & wanted to sniff the boys hands.  It was precious.
3blog 04
5.) Momma horse stayed right by, of course, keeping an eye on her baby.
3blog 05
6.) Papa Randall is a country man, and he drives a John Deere tractor.  He took all 4 grandkids (and Mimi!) on a drive around his property.  They loved it!
4blog 01
7.) Papa Randall and Sean Randall :) oh and Sean's new Transformer that he doesn't ever let go of! ha!
4blog 02
8.) Mimi with the 3 littlest grandkids (for now).  Nolan & Kaelyn are both 2 (Kaelyn is 5 months older than Nolan) and Maddie is almost 18 months.  They were actually having a lot of fun, contrary to the looks on their faces!
4blog 03
9.) Love this kid!
4blog 04
10.) If that wasn't enough excitement, Sean got to take Maddie for a ride in the Jeep.  We don't have any Powerwheels at home, so that was awesome for him.  I love Nolan & Kaelyn following close behind.
4blog 05
11.) Mimi gave Sean a new Transformer and he is totally obsessed with it.  Carries it everywhere with him, sleeps with it, ect.  He wanted me to take a picture of it, so then Nolan went and grabbed another Transformer and wanted me to take a picture of it too.  Silly boys.
4blog 06
12.) The lighting was gorgeous this evening and I really wanted to capture some beautiful photos of my boys.  Silly me, what was I thinking?  They don't ever want to do a photo shoot for me ;)  This was the best shot of the night (too many fun, distracting things that they would rather be doing than get their picture taken)
4blog 07

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Nancy said...

There is much beauty in Alabama! I feel so blessed raising our kids here since I grew up in Michigan. There is nothing like the Alabama outdoors!!