Thursday, March 31, 2011

our last family picture(s) as a family of 9

So the week we moved into our house was a crazy week.  Not just because we were moving but because my brother Brian & his wife Candace came to visit from Oklahoma.  If that is not enough of a big deal, they will be moving to England on April 1st (my brother is getting stationed there).  And if THAT wasn't a big enough deal, Candace is also pregnant with their first child, making me an aunt for the first time on my side of the family, and with my first nephew ever- Canaan Scott.  So fun!  My parents will actually be doubling the amount of grandchildren they have this year from 2 to 4. What a blessing!

So one night we asked my friend Amanda to meet us and we tried to get whole group family pictures.  We have NO idea when the next time will be when we will all be together at the same time (they will be stationed there for 4 years) and it definitely won't look like this the next time we are- there will be at least 2 more kids in the mix!  Here are some of the best (or funniest) ones we got:

it was really bright & the boys are silly.
031611_blog 01
better.  look at sean loving on his "uncle b" (what he calls my brother Timmy)
031611_blog 02
Not "the one" but still cute!
031611_blog 03
one of the best ones from this spot!
031611_blog 04
so we got tired of the bright sun and headed over into the shade.  so cute!
031611_blog 05
and my favorite one of the night!  LOVE Nolan's face: "what the heck kind of family am I a part of?"
031611_blog 06

I think these pictures of the boys with their Aunt Candace & Uncle Brian (who they LOVE) are adorable.  It was St. Patrick's Day which is why there is so much green going on!
031711_blog 01

We tried to get a picture of the pregnant sisters & Nolan kept trying to get into it.  He's so funny!  Not the best pic of me but still cute.  I feel as if my belly is the same size as Candace's and she is over 9 weeks ahead of me... I guess that's the difference between your 1st pregnancy & your 3rd?? ;)
031711_blog 02

We had a blast with them here & enjoyed our time.  I guess we need to start saving for our family vacation to England... anyone wanna make a donation??? haha!

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