Monday, February 28, 2011


Yeah yeah yeah... I know Valentines was a couple weeks ago, but I am doing good to get caught up on blogging, so I'm just glad I'm doing it period! :)

This year was so much fun for Valentine's Day because Sean is in school & has his Wednesday night class at church where he had to make actual Valentines to hand out for two different parties.  He picked out Star Wars Valentines (his newest obsession).  He still has a hard time writing his name, so I had to outline (with dots) his name on every Valentine for him to trace.  It took awhile, but we had fun!
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Nolan (while flying like a super hero) was very upset that I wasn't letting him play with the sharpies.  He is our little artist, and loves to draw on EVERYTHING ;)
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Some of the finished products
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Sean's preschool class made these adorable Valentine holders out of milk jugs for their party.  Sean was SO excited (and hyped up on sugar) when he came home from the party, he had to show off his loot to me.  He wrote his name himself, which I think is absolutely adorable!!
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We didn't do much on actual Valentine's.  Maybe next year when we are living in our own place & I am not sick in bed all day with fever & chills.  The robot bags are gifts to the boys from Dathan & myself.  The polk a dot bags are from my parents to each other and to the boys.  It looked like a mini-Christmas!
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The boys were very excited to get up from their naps and see the presents waiting for them.  We got the boys robot socks that matched the bags (from the $1 bin at Target), heart shaped chalk ($0.49 for 3 at Michaels), and they each had a dvd: Nolan had Despicable Me & Sean had How to Train a Dragon (it was on sale for $9 at Target!).  They were happy boys!
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