Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy 2nd birthday nolan!!!!

Two years ago today our sweet & precious 2nd blessing, Nolan Richard, joined our lives!  At 10lbs & 23 inches he sure made an impact on everyone around him as soon as he was born ;)  He has filled my heart more than I could ever explain.  My love just overflows :)

The top left picture is when we were leaving for me to get induced.  If you ever wondered what a 10lb baby belly looked like, there ya go! Ha!  The picture next to it is when Sean first met Nolan.  Then the bottom left is one of Nolan's first pictures taken at the hospital, and the bottom right is when he was 1 day old.
nolie bday

And here he is (a couple months ago) all grown up!  So handsome & so sweet!
christmas enhanced 04
We had several friends over for a lunch of pizza & cupcakes to celebrate Nolan's birthday today, and of course there was plenty of Thomas the Train to go around.  I will definitely have to share the pictures with you.... as soon as they are edited ;)

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A Family of Love said...

Happy Birthday to Nolan! He sure is adorable!

PS Love the new blog title