Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 on tuesday- preparing for Christmas!

Welcome back to the world of blogging, Erica!  I'm sorry I didn't even wish everyone a merry Christmas on here.  Goodness I have been slacking!  Here are my top 10 Christmas extravaganza photos :)

1.) Our family loves to online shop for Christmas.  This year we all did almost all of our shopping on the internet.  Plus Dathan's mom would buy the boys or Dathan presents online and have them shipped to the house.  This day the mailman knocked on the door, and had all of these packages except the 2 big ones on the bottom.  He handed them to me and said "hold on, there's more!" then grabbed the 2 on the bottom.  We were laughing so hard.  This is not even counting UPS or FexEx, just the USPS!

2.) Sean was playing with his toys on the counter when all of a sudden he said "mommy, I decorated the tree!"  I looked and he had taken the wooden alphabet blocks and "hung" them as ornaments on a little tree we had.  It was so cute we, of course, left it!

3.)  My parents have this reindeer that sits in a rocking chair & when you push his hand he rocks and sings "grandma got run over by a reindeer."  Well, when Sean was little he was terrified of this thing... Nolan, total opposite!  He LOVES it.  He played it so much, in fact, that the batteries died & Papa had to put in new ones.  It was so cute because Nolan had to sit on his lap and help him change them.

4.)  Sean had his first ever Christmas program with his preschool.  It was so cute and I was so emotional for some reason.  He is in the bright blue by the rock.  His best buddy, Caden, is right in front of him in the white.  He did so good singing & doing the hand motions, we weren't sure how he would do since he had never done anything like this before!

5.) They had a "Magical Blvd Christmas" on a Saturday evening and we got to go as a family.  There were SO many lights it really was magical :)
121110_blvd 01

6.) Nolan loved this little light display with a bunch of white reindeer.  I love this picture of him.
121110_blvd 12

7.) Hehehe this one makes me laugh!  I think Sean was bored ;)
121110_blvd 14

8.)  Sean & I made cards for all of his teachers at school & Sunday School teacher.  He wanted to put each of the light stickers on the ends of the branches of the tree.  He is so creative!

9.)  Ok so these next 2 are actually from yesterday, but I only had 8 pictures and needed 2 more to make my 10 on Tuesday ;)
My parents gave us season passes to Knotts Berry Farm for Christmas so we went and used them yesterday!  These are from my phone so that's why the quality is so bad.  Nolan & I got to ride the "choo choo" and he, of course, loved it!

10.) Nolan was tall enough to ride on this airplane ride (which is a ride that only kids, no parents, can ride).  I couldn't believe he was tall enough & wasn't sure how he would do.  He LOVED it!  And Sean LOVED being able to ride in the same plane with Nolan.  Nolan was clapping and kept raising his fist saying "woohoo" while the ride was going.  Totally worth all the waiting in line we did!!


A Family of Love said...

awesome pictures as always! My blog has been very quiet too. Need to find time to edit so I can upload!

Nancy said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!
Logan is in the 5th grade & I STILL get emotional at all of his concerts & things. :) I always look around to see if there are others with tears of joy falling!