Thursday, October 28, 2010

star student

Sean was "Star Student" at school last week & had a whole poster he got to fill out for himself.  I loved having him answer the questions completely on his own & pick everything out himself- it's so neat to see his likes, dislikes, etc!

101810_blog 03

There was a section for a family picture, and he picked 4 of his favorites (top left).  He knew exactly what picture he wanted of himself for the section of his own picture, the one of him dancing at the fair.  He also saw the collage and said he wanted that too (top right).  He said when he grew up he wanted to be a doctor (bottom left).  And a few things he dislikes: salad, broccoli, peppers, watching the news, and the Fisher Price Big Foot toy- they have it on display at Target & Sean HATES it (bottom right).
101810_blog 02

He got to write down 3 wishes.  They were: 1) "I wish I was a builder."  2) "I wish I was a clown."  3) "I wish I was a train driver."  He also had a "favorites" section that was jam-packed with stuff: birthday cake, Optimus Prime, the Toy Story Ride at Disneyland, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bumblebee, jellybeans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his Message Bible, pink lemonade, Spiderman, Toy Story 3, peanut butter, Hillsong Kids, & strawberries.  The last section was just basic info: he is 42 inches tall and weighs 40lbs (I totally guessed, he hasn't been weighed since May and he was 38lbs).  He has light brown hair, his favorite color is green, as well as his age & full name.
101810_blog 01

He loved being the star student.  He got to ring the bell at the end of recess every day :)  What I loved more was seeing all the answers to all these questions.  I love how his little mind works!


hanneyjo said...

this is so cute! I love stuff like this. I can't wait until my kids do this. :)

Nancy said...

love it! He's so handsome!