Monday, September 6, 2010

loving the sun

One thing we are LOVING about being in California as opposed to Alabama is the lack complete non-existence of humidity. In the summer in Alabama it can be the most beautiful day outside, but you can only play out there for a whopping 5 minutes before everyone's faces are red, we're all soaked in sweat, can't really breath, and miserable. Yep, don't miss that at all. This desert girl born & raised is not a fan of humidity- at all! So we are just basking (no pun intended! ha!) in the fact that we can be outside for hours on end and not melt! We may get hot, but we don't melt! :)
081810_blog 04

081810_blog 03

081810_blog 02

The brothers taking a snack & water break- how cute are they???
081810_blog 01

Bring on the sun!!!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Yea for no humidity! Are the flies as bad there as they are here? I think I've killed at least 6,107 this summer.
So will you guys have to come back & get your stuff or are you there from now on!?!
The boys look like they love it!