Friday, September 10, 2010

figure 8 races {straight up hillbilly}

A couple weeks ago the fair was in town.  I have not been to the Antelope Valley fair since 2006- Sean was only about 10 days old & we walked around for a little bit but it was really hot so we didn't stay too long.  We knew the boys would have a good time so we wanted to go this year.  Our friends invited us to go with them so we jumped at the opportunity and headed to the fair!

When we got there the dads and two oldest boys went on the bumper cars.  Sean laughed the entire time, so I'm pretty sure he liked it! ;)
082610_blog 09

Our friends Jer & Amanda's daughter Abbie just loves Sean & he loves her!  She is a couple years older than him but they say they are best friends.  So cute. 
082610_blog 08

After the bumper cars we headed into the grandstands...
082610_blog 07 watch the figure 8 races!  What a fun time we had!  It is such a funny, hillbilly race but that is probably why we enjoyed it!  See everyone, you don't have to live in Alabama to find some good old fashioned hick fun, we have it right here in California! :)  If you have never heard of figure 8 races, it is a dirt track in the shape of... you guessed it... a figure 8!  You get some old beat up cars to race around the track & they try not to run into each other (although in the audience you spend the whole time hoping they do)!  They even had a race where all the cars had trailers.  Hilarious, I tell you!
082610_blog 06

It was a perfect night!  The sunset was beautiful & it was a comfortable temperature in the low 80's.  We were with great friends & really just enjoyed ourselves.
082610_blog 05

I love these two pictures!  Sean is getting so grown up & handsome.  He loved watching the races but I think he loved hanging out with his friends more ;)  Nolan cracks me up here!  He is showing me the cars & saying "caaaaaawwwwwwwhhhhhhs!" (aka "cars!" LOL)
082610_blog 04

We sat at the top of the grandstands and behind us was the actual fairgrounds.  Looking over the fence we had the perfect view of the fair!  It is so beautiful & inviting at night (it's another story when it's 110 degrees & crowded during the day! ha!)
082610_blog 03

Between heats they played fun & entertaining music while the cars had their "pit stops."  Sean & his friends got a little hyper towards the end (couldn't have possibly been that cotton candy they shared??) and were dancing around & laughing, having THE best time.  Nolan just wanted to run around & then be held & watch the cars.  He loves pointing ;)
082610_blog 02

And of course we had to try to get a family picture :) 
082610_blog 01

A couple days after this was the demolition derby.  We didn't go to it but I think it would have been fun (since the whole point is watching cars crash).  Maybe next year... ;)

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