Monday, September 20, 2010

cell phone

I don't know about you, but my cell phone goes with me everywhere.
I text more than I actually talk on the phone (it's SO much easier for a busy momma!)
I can check my business & personal email on it
I can get online to get directions to where I'm going, check the weather, find a phone number, and of course get on facebook ;)
I don't have a fancy phone (read: iphone) but it does it's job & is cute
One thing I love about phones is that they have cameras on them.  I feel like the photos that are stored on my phone capture more of the day-to-day life of our family then my nice camera does.  Besides, I don't always want to lug around my nice camera, but my phone is always with me.
So, here are some photos from my phone (or other people's) to give you a good update of our days lately

This is a picture of a picture (high-tech, I know!).  I found this at my parents house.  It's my older brother Brian & I, circa 2001.  It was around the time of my high school graduation and my brother wanted braids in his bleached hair.  My hair, on the other hand, was fabulous back then.

One of the ways Sean & I bond: We take funny pictures with my phone & send them to daddy while he is at work.  This is the best one to date.

Look who I found in my car!

The only negative thing I've noticed from the booster seat: not the most comfortable place for Sean to fall asleep. ha!

Dathan built this fort in my parent's living room several weeks ago.  It is still there (per my parents request, they said they didn't mind).  Sean actually has been sleeping in his tent every night!

One of Sean's favorite places to go is the bookstore.  It also is one of our favorite places to take the boys ;)  For the price of a couple drinks from Starbucks we can get out of the heat & everyone has a good time.

We spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon outside.  Dathan fell asleep in the chair & Sean wanted a picture with him.  So he climbed up in his lap and pretended to be asleep too.  It was so funny!  Dathan didn't even budge.

This is a picture from my friend Becca's phone.  Becca and Bree (the one reading the book) are the fabulous ladies who watch all the kids of the youth workers during service on Sunday nights (that's when our church has youth).  That's right- Dathan & I are now helping with the high school students at Pulse (the youth group) and we are loving it!  God is really moving in the youth of our community and we are honored to be a part of it.  Yesterday was a long day for us though.  We went to our Marriage Matters class at 9:00, then I worked in the nursery at 10:45, then right after service we had an Alliance (youth leaders) meeting until about 2:15, then we all went home & crashed, then back to church at 5:45 for youth & didn't get home until after 9:00.  But we love it :)  Oh, my boys are the ones in blue.

I stole this picture from my younger brother Timmy's phone.  It cracks me up!

So, definitely not the best photos ever taken, but that's ok.  I love that I have all these random captures of our daily life!

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