Monday, August 2, 2010

family reunion: part III

The last day of the family reunion was a long, but very fun one. You can't start your day without a healthy breakfast!

We drove from Paso Robles to Cambria, which is a sweet & quiet little town on the coast (only about a 30 minute drive). Cambria is beautiful and so is the drive there! This photo was taken from the car on the way- isn't it beautiful how there are just mountains and then right on the other side is the ocean?

It was very cold at the beach, but we still had a great time! Sean was enjoying the view from the steps ;)

Family members walking along the beach. If you look almost directly in the middle of the photo (in the background) there was this random wedding on the beach that day... about 7 people there total and the ceremony lasted no more than 10 minutes! ha!

Not quite the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf

Our lovely attempt at a family picture. I've definitely seen worse, but this won't be getting framed any time soon ;)

My sister-in-law, Candace. She is so cute and had so much fun with Nolan! She's a great aunt!

Now this one is cute! We may have to get a frame for this photo ;)

Sisters! I'm so thankful my brother married such a great girl who is so much fun, gets along great with all of our family, and we just love!

My cousin Josh & his wife Dana walking along the coast... they are just too cute!

We found a PURPLE starfish! EEEK! So exciting!

Dathan, the rock climber

We spent several hours on the beach, having a picnic lunch, playing on the playground, walking along the water, and exploring the rocks (looking for starfish & crabs). It was really a great and relaxing time. Most of the family left from there, but those of us who decided to stay went to a couple other places.... (which you will have to wait to see. ha!)

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