Thursday, July 22, 2010

what are sprinklers, daddy?

growing up in the desert of southern california, it blew my mind when i moved to alabama and nobody had sprinklers in their yards to water their grass. when i asked how the grass got watered, dathan looked at me like i was crazy and said "uh... the rain!" ha!

last time we were in california sean was a little over 2, and now that he is almost 4 he is so much more observant and it's been a lot of fun to see it all through his eyes. one thing i wasn't expecting was while we were going on a walk one night. somebody had their sprinklers on (most people run theirs early in the morning or in the evening) and sean looked at them baffled and asked dathan "daddy, what IS that?" we had to explain to him that in the desert it doesn't rain very often so they have to make their own rain to water the grass. so funny!

one day sean & nolan learned how much fun sprinklers can be. we went over to my friend amanda's house and had a water day in her backyard! she turned on the sprinklers & we sprayed the kids w/ the hose & they all had a blast! there were 8 kids there because amanda & her husband jeremy do foster care and right now have 2 adopted kids, 1 almost adopted child, & 3 foster kids! all under the age of 6. it was so much fun though!

look how long nolan's board shorts are on him! ha!

after the kids were done & dried off we got all EIGHT of them down for naps. i take only 1/4 of the credit as amanda got her 6 down and i only did my 2. but still... we had adult conversation and it was wonderful! :)

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