Friday, July 23, 2010

knotts berry farm

while my whole family was in california (we are still here but brian & candace had to go back to oklahoma) we all went to knott's berry farm. i mean all of us! my parents, my older brother brian & his wife candace, all 4 of us stephens, and my younger brother tim. how fun is that? we went to the amusement park, not one of the water parks because 1) it was actually kinda chilly that day and 2) dathan & i went to the water park in palm springs on our honeymoon and it was LAME. total waste of money. it wasn't sean's first time at an amusement park (he went to disneyland last time we were here) but it was the first time he has been aware enough of what was going on to really enjoy himself. and of course this was nolan's first amusement park experience (as well as candace's first time to knott's. the last time i've been there was right after dathan & i got married when we got free tickets to an anaheim angel's game & showed up just to find out they changed the time of the game- who does that?- and so we went to knott's since we were already down there. ok hopping off my rabbit trail now...). we all had a great time!

sean's first ride. he needed a little coaxing but finally went on with dathan. he LOVED it. i didn't get to see his face first hand because i was waiting in line w/ brian, candace, & tim to ride a roller coaster. i was so excited to ride one because the last 2 times i was at an amusement park (disneyland) i was pregnant- last time w/ nolan & the time before that w/ sean! ha! dathan didn't want to go on that particular ride because the car spun in circles during the whole ride & his stomach doesn't handle spinning around too well ;)

my mom & i! the matching purple was totally unintentional (but we do have good taste in color!)

dathan and i both got to go on this ride. dathan rode with sean & i rode with nolan. it was nolan's first ride (ever)! yay! the boys LOVED it. they were both laughing the whole time & nolan cried when it was time to get off. it looks pretty tame but it whipped you pretty fast around those curves!
(sorry this one is blurry)

sean wanted to show me he was tall enough to ride this by himself (the face he's making? who knows!)

my mom & i rode this ride with both boys. sean had a blast while nolan cried the whole time :( i guess he didn't like going high in the air!

the only family picture we got the whole day, and it's kinda blurry & not that great :( oh well.

apparently dathan was tired of walking

candace & timmy rode this ride together. there was a part where they went upside down that we were standing almost directly under. if you look in the middle the girl in the blue shirt & the boy w/ the khacki shorts next to her are candace & timmy! ha!

my parents took the boys to an ice skating show (sorry, no photos) so that dathan & i could go ride a roller coaster together. we chose this ride and when we were almost to the front the ride broke down. well, it didn't really break down, the people couldn't get their harnesses off of them. i told dathan that if a ride was going to malfunction i'd rather it be that way instead of the opposite! most people left and we decided to stay. in about 5 mins they had it fixed & we got to ride. it was a blast!

then my parents took off by themselves & so it was dathan, myself, & my siblings w/ the boys. we took them to the merry go round where candace rode with sean (who chose to just sit in the seat) and i rode with nolan. relaxing & fun!

this is what happens when i leave my camera with dathan & my brothers

our last ride of the day was this one. it was dathan, timmy, sean, & myself. brian & candace waited with nolan (and took this pic for me!) and my parents were on a train or something?
we left knotts after this and all went to dinner at fuddruckers. they were good burgers! then we headed home & were all sooo tired. it was a fun, family day!


Nancy said...

Looks like so much fun with your family! YEA!!!!

Catherine Anne said...

Such a fun family