Monday, July 5, 2010

one of my bff's

one of my very best friends, lyndsey, lives in california. she was my matron of honor at my wedding and is such a joy & gift to me. we met in 1997 when we both signed up to go on a missions trip to trinidad and were glued at the hip from that point on. since then a lot of life has changed for the both of us, but we continue to be wonderful friends. i just love lynds!

on thursday while we were waiting for my parents to finish up at their camp, we went over to lyndsey's to spend time w/ her & her daughter kaylie (who is 6 months older than sean), as well as lyndsey's parents, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, & all 4 of her cousins kids. as you can guess, lyndsey's family is very close. so of course, growing up, they were like a 2nd family to me. it was so much fun to see them and introduce them to my boys!

lyndsey is so creative! she let the kids "water paint" in the backyard. it's exactly what it sounds like... they used paint brushes and painted the cement w/ water! they had a blast!

i remember as teenagers dreaming about when we were older & had kids how we wanted to our children to be best friends. well, it's so hard living so far away but just warmed our hearts that the 3 of them all got along SO well!

i'm not sure what they were talking about but apparently it was a very funny conversation they were having!

i. am. in. love. with. the. adorableness. here.
arranged marriage, anyone?? ;)

and of course we can't forget one of me & lynds! can't wait to spend time w/ her like "normal" friends who live in the same town get to do! :) :)

i'm loving being home!

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