Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cali catch up

we went to my grandparents house & they put dathan to work trimming a tree in their backyard

nolan wanted to climb the ladder too (and he did really well all by himself)

for 11 months of our lives we lived in a town in central california. although we lived there for less than a year we made some of our most wonderful & uplifting friends. these are two of them, tiffany & chris, with their son jordan. they drove over 5 hours one way to have lunch & visit with us for several hours, then drove home. can you believe that? how many people have friends who would do that for them? AND we get to see them again in a couple weeks when we go to visit where we used to live. we are so blessed! (dathan gave blood which is why that strange red tape is on his arm)

nolan wanted to be a dare-devil. he would stand up on this toy and say "TA-DA!"

taking a walk as a family

desert sunsets are so beautiful! one of my favorite parts about my hometown!

swimming in the backyard (this kid doesn't love water, does he?)

run, jump, splash, then slip. ha!

dark chocolate ice cream at memaw & papa's (my parents)

reese's for sean

these are just a few little tidbits from our "low key" days. i still have more catching up to do- water play day at my good friend's house, a really fun 4th of july parade (that was on the 3rd), actual 4th of july, & a trip to knotts berry farm. not to mention we are leaving thursday for our family reunion! so exciting (and busy)!

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