Monday, May 31, 2010

i think summer is here

last monday we had a playdate with some friends at the park.
seriously, how cute is this?

dathan and andrew used to work together, and they met jerry & linsey while they were remodeling their bathroom. they all decided we would get along and so last november (i think?) we invited them all over for dinner. it was my first time meeting all of them. they were right, johanna, linsey & i all got along (and the guys already knew they got along!).

but here's the amazing thing- all of our kids are the same ages and they (of course!) get along too!
here are the babies (1 per family)- elijah, lauren, & nolan. they all had their 1st birthday w/in about 6 weeks of each other.

and here are the big brothers (1 per family)- carson, sean, & evan. they all will be turning 4 this year in between june and november.

the boys have a blast together- they ALL love superheroes the most it seems, and also disney's cars, super mario brothers, toy story, and all other boy things :) they were checking out the turtles here, which was serious business of course!

see that cute mom w/ the hat? that's linsey... she threw all of us off w/ announcing that she was pregnant a couple weeks ago. we are SO excited for her! and so of course johanna and i are joking that now we have to get pregnant too so we can all still be friends! ha!

i'm not sure what's going on here but i love how sean's hair looks! he must have turned really quickly to see something.

the poor kiddos- if they look like they are: A) sweaty and B) red-faced, well, it's because they are. it was HOT that day. about 93 degrees or so. and muggy. we decided the next play date will be at the splash pad!

the dragonfly braved 6 kiddos and hung out on nolan's hat for awhile. it was so cute!

i'm so thankful for the friendship we have w/ these two families! like johanna said- you know you are in good company when it is 93 degrees outside and you still have fun! ;)

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hanneyjo said...

I know I'm really biased, but I LOVED this post. :D We love hanging out with y'all, too!