Saturday, May 29, 2010

girly girl?

well, i don't think it's that big of a secret that i'm not the biggest girly girl around.
give me jeans & a t-shirt any day. with flip flops. no heels.
i find a cute purse and use it until it falls apart (usually about a year) and then buy another cute purse and do the same thing
i'm totally ok with getting dirty
if my husband came home w/ a pair of diamond earrings for me i would tell him to take them back
i don't own a blow drier
you read that right, do. not. own. one.

here's the thing- i don't mind being a girly girl & i can be when i want to.
i mean, i like to paint my toenails
i like to wear makeup
i do own a flat iron
i love jewelry (just the long, beady necklaces and dangly earring kinds)
and i like dresses.
it's true.
looking at this picture, you wouldn't be able to guess it
yes that would be me, the only one in jeans at sarah's graduation

one of the many reasons why i've had dresses on my mind.
another would be the fact that i have been photographing more and more weddings lately, and i need something to wear to them. something that looks nice & professional but is still comfy and cool (i always get hot when i take pics!)

then i found this site
it has become my newly bookmarked place that i want to shop at when i buy a new wardrobe (which won't be any time soon, but the time is coming eventually!)
there are SO many different kinds of dresses there, so many options no matter what your style is
and i learned my style is bipolar
here are a few ton of my favorites

take the classic "little black dress" for instance
how simple and cute is this?

and this one. does it count in the 'little black dress' category if it has polk a dots?
either way, i just love it

my next category is 'dresses i would wear to shoot weddings in'
i have a certain criteria for that, you see
i don't want any colors that are loud & flashy. i don't need to stand out, it's not my day it's the bride's
so basically these are modest fits & more muted colors

i can't put my finger on an exact reason why i love this dress, but i do

these colors go together better than french fries & ranch dressing (and if you know me, it's like one of my favorite things ever)
i would buy this dress today if i didn't have to buy diapers & fill my gas tank (lets just be honest here)
even though this entire dress is lace, it's not overwhelming and certainly not granny-ish.
it's the perfect amount of feminine

these next dresses are fun party dresses.
you know, because i go to so many parties that i need nice dresses for

ok this first one, i don't know why i like it but i do.
it's normally something i would think is a little over the top on the frilly factor, but it doesn't bother me on this cute purple one

THIS purple one is amazing. a. ma. zing.
i, of course, would be wearing a cami underneath
this is just a little too deep of a V for me ;)

and this turquoise? i LOVE turquoise!

i'm about to pass out. bright fuscia with black lace? be still my beating heart.

and this one is beautiful.
surely i would spill something on it w/in the first 5 minutes of wearing it, but it would be beautiful for those few minutes of being clean

and these last 2 dresses are the ones that i would get the most wear out of.
they are just cute & comfy dresses.
i could throw on flip flops w/ these and run out the door when it's warm
or put on leggings & a cardigan when it's cooler
now THIS is my style!

does this not look so cute? and so comfy?
the pockets make my day

i love the cut & colors of this one.
the buttons make me happy.

ok i will stop showing you dresses now
just be glad i'm not doing a post on their tops.......................... yet ;)

of course this company has no idea i exist and are by no means paying me to write this post. although if they wanted to send me one of these dresses as a thanks, i surely wouldn't decline ;) ha!


Natalie said...

all of these dresses are so super cute : ) I L.O.V.E. dresses! They are my favorite thing to wear!

Kimberly Thomas said...

I found this website the other day too and LOVED it so much! Here's hoping I can someday afford my dream dresses!!