Sunday, March 28, 2010

rockford, part 1

we left very early (3am!) last thursday to make the drive to rockford, illinois. it is supposed to be about a 10.5 hour drive but w/ 2 small children we were guessing it would take around 12 hours. there are definitely good and bad things about driving in the night like we did. the best things are that the kids sleep and there is no traffic! the worst thing is trying to stay awake or getting wherever you're going and the kids are well rested but you need a nap ;)

we made it to rockford at about 3:30 that afternoon, after several potty & gas stops, as well as stopping in springfield for lunch at panera (my favorite!). we basically just relaxed and spent time at the house with my old homeopeners (see last post if you don't know what those are ;)). barb is a fabulous cook and we enjoyed a nice home made dinner! then barb strapped nolan on and wore him while she did the dishes. too cute!

the "big" boys busied themselves with a lot of legos!

friday was a beautiful day! i took the boys to a park that we would go to and play softball when we were in master's commission (rmc). it was so strange to be back at that park but watch my kids run around and play. they had a blast!

haha check out nolan's sock here

after the park i went to the biggest salvation army store i have ever seen. it was right across the street from the apartments that i lived in my first year in rmc, but it wasn't there when i lived there! too bad, us "poor" master's students would have brought them a lot of business! ;) we had panda express for lunch (another favorite!) then went back to the house for naps.

then friday night we headed over to our friends, mike & rachael's house for dinner. mike and dathan were roommates when they were in rmc, and mike was also in my ac ("accountability cell"). dathan & mike have a strong friendship & i enjoy his wife so much! they just had a little boy, carter, on Christmas day and he is the sweetest! here is a picture of the boys w/ their boys.

isn't carter a doll? he was sleeping so soundly and as soon as i pulled my camera out he lifted up his head and smiled in his sleep! makes ya melt! we ended up not leaving their house until almost midnight... our conversation was just too good!

when i woke up saturday morning i found the boys cuddling like this. it was sooooo cute!

bright and early saturday my wonderful friend mandy come over to hang out for a few hours before she had to go to work. we were best friends while we were in rmc and she was one of my bridesmaids. our time together was too short, but better than nothing and i am so thankful for that! (sorry the picture is super blurry and looks strange... all i had was the self-timer to take this picture and it just wasn't being my friend)

well, i don't want to overload you so this will be continued......

if you haven't seen already, i have a very happy, very springy post up on my photo blog ;)

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