Sunday, March 7, 2010

monkey'n around

ok lets just be honest, sometimes being a stay at home mom is VERY boring. especially after you move out to the country so it's kind of a big deal to go 'into town' to do anything. don't get me wrong, i LOVE staying at home w/ my boys and we find all sorts of fun things to do, but sometimes it just gets boring!

so one day i met up with two friends of mine who are also stay at home moms (and we all have 2 kids and they are all the same ages- our oldest are all 3 and our babies all turned 1 w/in a few weeks of each other) and we went to a place called monkey'n around. it's a fun place to go where you pay $5 per kid (babies and mommies are free! yippee!) and they get unlimited use of the bounce houses and other fun toys. on the other side of the building is a baby & children consignment shop. we had SO much fun!

this fun car track was the hit w/ the big boys.... literally. oh boy. lets just say these 3 year olds are still learning how to take turns. and when they didn't want to take turns apparently carson ended up throwing the car and sean & evan wound up wrestling on the floor. i seriously thought a punch was going to get thrown. after a good scolding and time out they seemed to be fine for the rest of the time ;)

and of course, the bounce houses are always FUN

this was nolan's first time in one, and he seemed to enjoy himself

the babies all crawled around and it was SO cute to watch

is he about to fuss or laugh? i don't know either!

tough kid on a harley here

i can barely handle how cute these 3 babies are together (and i didn't get any pictures of the 3 big boys playing together- they move too fast!)

we had an impromptu picnic and even the little ones sat around the table. myself, linsey, and johanna all dug out the snacks we brought & let all the kids share

all the sweet kiddos. of course the two of the left are mine :) the two in the middle are elijah and carson (linsey's boys) and the two on the right are lauren and evan (johanna's kids)

sean talks about these boys all the time. it's so cute. at least once a day he asks to go to one of their houses and play. our three families try to get together once a month for a dinner & game night, but i think us three moms should do these play dates more often ;)

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Catherine Anne said...

What a fun day had~ We too live out in the country and when my older two children were smaller I remember feeling this way as well. Now that they are older its wild and the day flys past. We do try to go "into" town as you said each friday to meet up with friends:) Great photos~