Friday, March 5, 2010

the BIG snow storm of 2010

last week we had another snow storm, and this one was a BIG one. i saw this scene when i looked out the front door

it seemed as if these truck's 4x4 driving didn't help them in this situation

good thing sean was there to save the day :)

ok so it wasn't a really BIG snow storm, but it stuck, and in alabama that's pretty much considered big lol

and it was pretty! :)

on another note, please head over to amanda's blog. she is one of my dear friends and i am SO excited for them. after THREE long years of the ups & downs of foster care, experiencing lots of heartbreak & joy, this last wednesday they officially adopted their oldest two foster kids- aaden & abigail. they are forever THEIR kids and that just makes my heart want to burst for them! so if you have a few seconds, please jump over to her blog (that she never updates LOL) and congratulate them!!

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