Friday, October 23, 2009

take me out to the ball game

seriously, i love fall here. it's so beautiful. i love everything about it, except the rain. and we've been getting a lot of rain lately. so, on the days it hasn't rained, we have tried to enjoy the 'great outdoors' as much as possible. this day we got out sean's tball set and played ball for at least an hour. well, we couldn't find the ball that went with the set, but the really big nerf ball did just fine ;)

play ball!


if you haven't seen my newest photo shoot, head over to my photography blog where you will see more of this adorable family!


Jenna said...

That is too cute! What fun memories!!!

Nancy said...

So cute. Seriously, will you email me a price list & I will pack my family up & pick a weekend day that's good for you & we'll take pictures....or I will buy your gas if you ever come to Bham. :)
Our email is

kimberlysayre said...

How fun! I like seeing him play "baseball" even though he's decked out in Alabama clothes! :) I hope Peyton wants to play t-ball.