Sunday, October 25, 2009

spring park

to go with my theme of 'enjoying the beautiful weather while it's not raining,' i packed up the boys and drove to spring park. spring park is a beautiful, older park in tuscumbia that has a hand made waterfall, a small "lake," playground, and rides (we've never gone on the rides). it's beautiful and shady and just a whole lot of fun.

i put the boys in our double stroller and started a lap around the park to get some exercise. it was SO beautiful outside!

sean wanted to stop and look at the waterfall and a sweet lady saw me with my camera and offered to take a picture of me with the boys. i hardly ever like pics with me in them (because the photographer in me is so picky) but i really like this one!

after sean played in the playground and we were getting ready to leave, we were stopped by a really nice surprise...

the water show, with music and everything!

they do this in the summer but i certainly wasn't expecting it in the middle of the day in the middle of october. but it was a fun surprise, and both boys enjoyed watching it.

i think sean got tired of me taking pictures of him because he started running away from me every time it even looked like i was going to take a picture. it turned into a silly game and we laughed and i actually got a cute shot out of it!

we had such a good time. it was a perfect day. i know i'm sounding redundant, but i LOVE fall!

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kimberlysayre said...

Nolan is SO stinking adorable! I'm in love with his big brown eyes! I love the last picture of Sean. Even though I have never met him, this picture seems like it's "so him". He seems like just a joyful little dude!