Monday, August 10, 2009

someone has a brand new 'do!

well, the time has come.
we could not avoid it any longer.
nolan's hair... it was... well... looking pretty sad

his hair had rubbed out in some places, growing in blond in others
so we busted out the clippers to even everything out
"what is going on??"

"daddy, i don't like whatever it is you are doing to my head!"

"no, really! i really don't like it! stop!"

look closely. we had real tears folks.

once we were done & the clippers were turned off, he was a happy camper
i think the buzzed head suits him well
i have his hair in a ziplock baggie

now get ready for this

it's creepy

almost eerie

ok maybe not, but it is pretty awesome!

when sean was almost the exact same age we had to buzz his head for the exact same reason

we were in my in-law's kitchen for sean's big cut, and happened to be in the same place for nolan's.

my parents were visiting from cali when we cut sean's hair. guess who is here for nolans?

similarities kinda strange??? just wait....

the baby on the left is sean on february 8th, 2007
the baby on the right is nolan on august 9th, 2009

if i didn't know any better i would think i had twins!

you'll have to excuse the quality of my photos. they were taken from my point & shoot camera :)


Anonymous said...

So cute! Poor thing didn't like the clippers. Funny how your parents were there for both boys' haircuts. Both the same age too. Nolan looks great! Thanks for sharing. Give your mom a big hug!

Love you
Mama Teri

Jenna said...

That is amazing! I apologize but I laughed through the pictures of him crying- he's just too cute even THEN! It really is strange how much Sean and Nolan look alike- is that normal or just a fluke???

Anonymous said...

I always love when you do comparisons of the boys. They are both so stinkin' cute! Nolan is totally rockin' the buzz!

PamperingBeki said...

Does it make me terrible that I laughed hysterically scrolling through those pictures? So funny!