Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

child abuse is an issue that is so important to my family and i. for years we have been involved with a camp for abused kids called royal family kids camps. since we have moved to alabama we haven't really been involved in anything, and i was itching to find something. well a friend of ours from church works at safeplace, which is the battered women's shelter here in the shoals. they were having their 7th annual "walk a mile for a child" to raise child abuse awareness, and we decided to get involved. my brother and sis in law were visiting from oklahoma, so they did it with us. it was a perfect day and a lot of fun! they actually shut down one of the main bridges here for us to walk across. we pushed nolan in the stroller and sean rode in his wagon with his friend eli. it was a blast and we were so happy to take part in this cause!

sean and his friend eli in the wagon. they had too much fun together!
we started out at a hotel

then worked our way onto the highway (police escorted of course)
then the bridge was shut down and we headed across it! (i love this shot)
and ended at wilson park, where all the kids released blue balloons for the kids who have no voice for themselves

our whole group: sean, dathan, me, nolan, candace, brian
nolan was pretty worn out from all the walking ;)
sean and i enjoying the fountain

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Tami Jo said...

Looks like y'all had a fun day and supporting a great cause all at once. That's a win-win situation!!!!