Sunday, March 29, 2009

starting out

so i've been thinking for awhile about how to start my first post. do i go for the witty, funny, make everyone laugh angle? or maybe just an informative one. do i jump right into stories or pictures or recipes or scripture? or is that something i ease into? but the more i thought about it, the more i thought of why i wanted to start a blog.

it really started here. i ran across this website while looking at another site late one night when i was still pregnant. the story of this little girl pulled at my heartstrings in such a way like nobody else has. i followed this story for about a week, lifting this family up in my prayers. and i cried with them as they dealt with the one thing no parents should ever have to go through.

but i saw something happen through this story. people came together, from everywhere, fighting for & praying for this family. it was so inspiring for me to see the body of Christ come together in the way God intended. so i dug deeper, and i found it... page after page of families, just like yours and mine. they shared their struggles & joys with complete strangers. and people, from across the country, laughed & cried with them. i was hooked.

so, i wanted to become a little speck in this community. whether it's 5 or 500 people reading what i write, i want you to be a part of it. because i know that i, too, have something to share.

and here's a couple pictures since i know that ultimately when it all boils down to it, nobody cares about what i write unless pictures are included ;)

ps i would love to hear feedback on what everyone would like to see on here!


Kim said...


Kathy B. said...

Very cool! I think you've inspired me, I had a blog when I lived in Chicago but I haven't updated in a very long time, it is a great way to have people praying for you:).

Tami Jo said...

I love your background! The pictures are adorable! And I just love the updates on how everyone is doing and random thoughts of Erica are always fun!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I enjoy hearing what you have to say and of course of love the pictures!! Heather