Friday, July 27, 2012

insta-friday #2

I'm going about insta-Friday a little differently this week, to see if it's less frustrating than last week (UGH!). HAHA  So here we go:

sweet brothers

"how great is our God" came on pandora and i looked over to see this. heart = melted

my 3 boys + my brother's son + my cousins 2 sons = fun day with 6 boys under the age of 6!

orange county sunset. just another day in cali

courtney, my younger bro's girlfriend, entertaining the 4 boys. adorable.

goofing off with my 2 biggest boys.

sitting on knees and eating a gogo squeez... oh man too cute for words!

PAXimus prime, NOLimus prime, and SEANimus prime

boys are weird.

once again, boys are weird

4th haircut in 6 months

super mario brothers with a friend after haircuts

trial run through the sprinklers in our new backyard!!!

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Nancy said...

Your precious boys are growing so big!! Can you believe it?

Peyton's Pages said...

how long is that to do list of yours? jk. I know its the busy season for you. I'm eagerly awaiting your return though!

Peyton's Pages said...
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