Saturday, May 5, 2012

project 359 2012- January

"Um... Erica... there are 366 days in 2012."
"Oh, and Erica... January was 4 months ago...."

I know what you're thinking, it's ok!  I've just got a little explaining to do :)  

I don't need to explain that I have had a hard time keeping up with my blog, those of you who follow me know that I have been a little very inconsistent with my blogging.  But the "Project 359" thing, that I can give you a good reason!

I don't know if you remember me saying how I was very sick at the end of December and almost all of January?  Well, in being sick, there were days where it took everything in me just to get out of bed, let alone take a picture.  So there were 7 days where I didn't take a single picture.  Because I still wanted to keep up with my photo a day project, I just changed the name and subtracted those 7 days :)  

So there you have it- I'll have you all caught up in no time!  But for now, I will share with you my January photos

Oh!  And happy 24th birthday to my little bro Timmy!  And happy Cinco de Mayo to you all.  Hope you eat lots of tacos today!  I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, but we are heading out to THREE different birthday parties and two of them are having taco bars.  I hear carne asada will make an appearance at one of them, and that is one dish of Mexican food that I do love!

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