Saturday, April 21, 2012

my handsomes

For years Sean would run from my camera.  The eldest son of a photographer and at 2 years old he had his fill of getting his picture taken.  But, being the loving mom & stalking photographer that I am I kept prying.  And now at 5 (and a half!) he poses for every picture! Sometimes I have to ask him NOT to pose if I'm trying to get an action shot.  He is SOOO cute!


And the reason Sean isn't running from my camera anymore is because I believe he has passed the baton off to Nolan.  On any typical day it takes great amount of bribery to get him to stand still long enough to look at me, let alone smile.


But as you can see, this day was different.  The boys humored me enough to get some adorable shots of both of them.  A little bit silly and a whole lot of cute, and it only cost me two little packets of Smarties.  I wouldn't trade them for the world!

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