Monday, January 16, 2012

October catch up #1

I know most of you don't care, but I'm wanting to do these catch up blogs for my own memory.  My blog is like my life scrapbook, so even though this was 3 months ago I want to remember!  So please bear with me as I try to juggle playing catch up AND keeping up with life now. Ha!

One of the Monday's in October Sean had no school (I think it was Columbus day?).  My mom has Monday's off (and my dad is retired) so we all ventured to a local "pumpkin patch" to spend some time together.  This is a cute little place, it's just not a real pumpkin patch.  It's an empty lot across the street from Costco that they throw some pumpkins & haybales in, with inflatables, a couple rides, & a petting zoo.  The boys really enjoyed themselves.  It was HOT this day.
101011_04 101011_08 
Nolan climbed this ladder like a boss.  And I love both boy's faces while going down the slide.
101011_09 101011_10 101011_11 
 Sean was not wanting to go on any rides. He would have gone on the inflatables all day.  But they did ride these bathtubs. Ha! 
And Nolan wanted to ride the swings. So cute! (See the main road behind him and Costco across the street? LOL)

 Petting zoo time with Memaw!
101011_15 101011_16 101011_17 
 Getting some pics with my sweet boys.  Pax was like 2 weeks here.
101011_18 101011_19 
 My parents had just gotten new iPhones and my brother snapped this hilarious picture of them trying to figure out their phones to take a picture of me & the boys.

Stay tuned for more updates from October, November, December, and of course recent ones! Ha! You'll have to forgive me ;)

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