Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday!

1.) I have been sick.  Like, really sick.  My doctor almost put me in the hospital sick.  It has not been fun.  Christmas day was awesome, and then the next day came and I felt like poo... and each day I started feeling worse.  I usually can shake off sickness in a couple days, so when day #4 came and I was still sick I finally went to the doctor.  They did a strep test which came back positive and I also had pink eye.  I was given medicine that was ok to take while nursing and sent home.  I took the medicine for about 5 days, and was getting worse. I could barely keep my eye open, I was miserable, kept getting a fever, and had scabs that appeared on my face.  So I went back to the doctor last Tuesday (a week ago) and found out that I also had shingles & a staph infection.  Fun.  I had to immediately stop nursing Pax because of the medicine they had to give me.  I was heartbroken.  But I was told I could "pump & dump" to try to keep my milk supply in until I'm done with the medicine.  The new medicine is working great, I feel a million times better and am finally not contagious.  This is not exactly the way I imagined us bringing in 2012.  I literally have not left the house since Christmas day except to go to the doctor's and go to my parents.  We have been so blessed by my parents who have helped SO much with the boys, other friends who have watched the boys so I can rest, and amazing & thoughtful friends who have been bringing us meals for over a week now.  We are so incredibly blessed.

2.) Because I am SO behind on blogging, today's pictures are from... well... um... October.  And a couple from November.  Sorry! Ha!  Remember how I've said before that Nolan was our little artist?  This is how I found him one day when he was supposedly "napping." Sneaky little guy.  That's Sharpie.  On the closet door & his arm.  You have to make sure to check out his arm.  It was hysterical, but I couldn't laugh because I had to discipline him.  The joys of being a parent, right?

3.) Once upon a time my parents, younger brother, & I took the boys to a local "pumpkin patch" (an empty lot in the middle of town that they threw pumpkins in with some inflatables and rides. ha!).  The boys rode this ride that looked like they were inside bathtubs.  As you can see by their faces, they were thrilled ;)

4.) Pulse (the youth ministry at our church) has it's birthday party the first Sunday in October every year.  Last October they turned 4.  Every year the party is a theme and this year was someone famous.  If you can't tell, Dathan was Ace Ventura.  He was hilarious!  I was me, because it was enough work to get a 10 day old baby out to youth ;)  The boys wanted to wear costumes too so Nolan wore his pizza costume from Halloween 2010, and Sean was a Jedi in Star Wars pj pants.  So cute!
100211_9591 copy 

5.) Once upon a time we also took the boys to a real pumpkin patch.  And we rode the train.  It was a lot of fun!  My mom and younger brother came with us too!

6.) The boys are eating peanut butter and crushed up pretzels in a bowl with a spoon. Weird, weird children. Please excuse the mess :)

7.) Sean's first school picture.  We bought a couple for nostalgic reasons.  He looks so grown up and is so handsome here!!

8.) End of soccer season! Sean loved it.  He was funny to watch play- he is a perfectionist and would get so frustrated if the other team scored.  His little friend Beka played in the same league as him so they got their trophies the same day.  It was the most unorganized, ridiculous ceremony but hey, that's what we do for our kids, right? They were sooooo patient waiting for their trophies.

9.) We went over to my parents house and had a pizza & game night with my younger brother Timmy and his adorable, sweet girlfriend Courtney.  We all made our own personal pizzas and then we played dominoes.

10.) Speaking of games, have you ever heard of Scribblish? It is one of the most hysterical games I've ever played. It's kind of like Pictionary except you pass your sheet around.  Basically you draw a saying and have to write the caption then draw the picture to go with the saying.  Then you cover up the caption so you can only see the picture and mix the pages around. Then you look at the picture of the one you got & have to make up a caption to go with the picture. Then you cover up the picture so you only see the caption and pass it around again. I hope that makes sense.  You do it until there are 4 pictures. Then at the end you only see the last picture and you have to guess which one was the one that you started with.  You also can vote for the funniest.  It is SO funny to see the transformation!!  Here is one of the funniest ones we've seen.  If you can't read the handwriting the captions go like this:
- I invented a time machine!
- Singing to the music as I hold my bird upside down
- My whistling killed a bird
- Why use a gun when I can sing em out of the sky?
hahahaha.... maybe it's funnier when you're the one playing? :)

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