Friday, December 30, 2011

3 months new!

I have been taking Pax's monthly pictures on a big chalkboard that Dathan made me.  It was supposed to get hung on the wall in our house but now we'll just have to wait until Pax's first birthday because I love the look of these & want to do it until then! ;)

So here are the 1st 3 months. I just love my little guy with the awesome hair. He is a joy!!
102511_0143 copy 112411_0929 copy 122611_1939 copy

The big boys also like to take pictures when I get the chalkboard out.  Here is one I took for Thanksgiving (when I did Pax's 2 month pics).  It was a big hit in the Facebook world ;)
112411_0938 copya 
And the other day when I did his 3 month shot the boys wanted another picture with the chalkboard.  I think this one is so fun!  Look at Nolan's fat lip.  Oh the life of having boys!
122611_1958 copy 
Stay tuned for more, coming every month (hopefully, if I can keep up with my blog LOL)

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