Saturday, September 17, 2011

due dates are not my friend

Ok so lets just get one thing straight here.  Due dates are not a "you will have your baby by this date or money back guarantee" deal.  They are more like a suggestion.  Some babies, like my first born Sean, saw his as a challenge to beat, and he did (2 weeks early).  Some babies, like my second born Nolan, saw his due date as a goal to get as big as possible, and forced us to have him one week early (STILL weighing in at 10lbs).  And then there are those other babies... the ones like my third born is, apparently.  The babies that don't have any regard to the due date.  The ones who are comfy and warm and happy inside their momma's tummy, and that's where they want to stay. The ones who think "due date shmu date, I'll come when I want to."

Yep, my due date came and went on Thursday (the 15th) and baby Stephens is still not here.

First we were saying Labor Day would have a been a fun day to have him.  I mean, there's some humor there if you go into labor on Labor Day.  But nope, that didn't happen (which was ok because my friends threw me a surprise baby shower).  Then we were saying last Saturday would have a been a fun birthday, because it would have been 09.10.11.  But nope, that didn't happen either (which that was ok as well because Sean had his first soccer game of the season that day).

So now we are just waiting. Still waiting. And on top of waiting, these last 2 weeks have been the busiest of our entire year.  Sean started Kindergarten.  Sean started Ranger Kids.  Sean started soccer.  Our high school small groups at church started back up.  Our youth service started back up.  We had our first MOPS meeting (which I am on the planning committee for).  Sean had back to school night.  One of my longest time friends Heather, who is pregnant with her first baby, is in town from PA and had a baby shower.  I can keep on going.  All of that happening while sitting here saying "I can't really commit to anything because I don't know when this baby is coming."

Physically I have felt great this whole pregnancy.  I am now getting to the point of exhaustion, soreness, & insomnia (hence the post at 1:00am).  But I really can't complain.  I have a feeling this little guy is using his time in my belly wisely and trying to catch up to Nolan's birth size.  So although I am quite uncomfortable, waddle wherever I go, and pee all the time, I'm doing ok.  I even took Nolan with me shopping at Sam's Club a couple days ago and had no problems.  I am very blessed & thankful for that.

Emotionally, I am a different story.  These last couple months of pregnancy have been hard on my emotions.  My mental health has taken a beating, I guess you can say.  The biggest thing is, I am super uuber easily irritated.  Oh my poor husband.  He actually isn't the one who irritates me, but he is the one who gets to hear me complain about who is irritating me and why they are annoying.  I'm sure he's sick of it.  My friend Erin has also been a kind listening ear, although I'm sure she's sick of it also.

You wanna know what irritates me?  Because I'm sure if you have ever been pregnant (especially up to or past your due date) then I'm sure you've felt the same way. Ha!

1.) The comment: "oh, so you're still pregnant?"
Nope, I just stuck a bowling ball in my shirt because it's so much fun to have it there.

2.) The question: "So when are you gonna have that baby?"
If I knew, I would be a much more pleasant person.

3.) The question: "Are you sure you're not having twins?"
That's a 'nice' way of saying "oh my gosh you are HUGE!"

4.) The comment: "I was 2 weeks past due with my 2nd child."
Yes, that can always happen. But you do not tell a 40+ week pregnant lady that she is going to go 2 more weeks.  You just don't.
5.) The comment: "Try walking/massage pressure points/have sex (etc) and the baby will come!"
Dude, I am on my 3rd baby & am now over 2 days past my due date. I KNOW & I've tried!

6.) The comment: "I cannot wait any longer to meet that baby!"
Um, the baby is not in your stomach.  I promise I want to meet him more than you.

Ok I'll stop there.  Don't get me wrong, I know when people ask those questions they are not meaning to be rude or mean.  In fact, it is all out of love & concern for you & your baby.  But when you hear it 50 times a day it just gets rough.  I may or may not have skipped church last Sunday because I wanted to avoid answering those questions all morning.

So, I officially give up guessing when this baby will come.  He will come when he is ready, and I am ok with that.  Of course more than anything I want him to be as healthy as possible, but a very close 2nd to that is I want him to be as healthy as possible in my arms instead of my belly.  

Here's to hoping that the next post from me will be introducing our new little guy to you!  But if he takes much longer I'll just have to blog about everything else that has been going on ;)


Peyton's Pages said...

(((hugs))) to you!! Thanks for the update. I enjoy reading your blog.

hanneyjo said...

Praying for you, friend! When I went over with Evan, I felt THE SAME WAY! I may have skipped church, too... haha His due date was Halloween, so i had bought him this cute little halloween outfit for the hospital. His due date came and went, and I had to take it back, and I was so sad. The lady asked why I was returning it, and I'm like, "Uh, I'm still pregnant." haha

Good luck! Like the nurse told me when I went into false labor with lauren, and I was depressed... "Pregnancy isn't a permanent condition." :D

Much love!