Friday, August 26, 2011

mini family reunion

I mentioned a couple days ago that we had a little family reunion at my grandparents' house.  My cousin Steven & his son were in town (Dathan had never met him so it had been awhile since we had all seen him) so we planned a big bbq get together.  Almost all of the family was there (my brother Brian, his wife Candace, & their son Canaan couldn't quite make it from England) and we had a blast.

These are the two responsible for this whole motley crew!  I'm pretty sure my grandparents are the cutest. Ever.  Their names are Joyce & Troy, better known as Grandma & Grandpa or even more better known as Big Hair & Pops (or No Hair).  Don't worry, those are terms of endearment & they love them! ;) 
Because of them, at this party there were their: 5 kids, 3 son-in-laws, 7/8 grandkids, 2/3 step-grandkids, 3/4 grandkid-in-laws, and a whole lot of great-grandkids!  How fun of a legacy do they have?  They have been married 57 years & are still very much in love.  My grandpa has a picture in his wallet of my Grandma when they first started dating.  Still.  He has kept it there through all these years :)
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Almost everyone spent most of the day swimming.  Nolan swam for over 4 hours.  Longest amount of time he has done any physical activity for, but especially swim.  He would get out and eat a snack, then hop back in.  Then an hour later get out & eat another snack, then hop back in.  He was in heaven & cried when we said it was time to get out for dinner.
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My mom is probably going to kill me for posting this picture but it's just too funny.  My mom doesn't drink.  But one of my cousins asked her to hold their beer bottle for them so they could jump in the pool to cool off.  The sight of my mom standing there with a beer bottle in her hand was too funny not to take a picture of.
4blog 02
Ok I accidentally sized this picture too small, so I apologize.  But I am too tired to go in & change it ;)  Just some family hanging out.
4blog 04
There were LOTS of people in the pool.  I believe we counted 18 people at one point.  This picture you can see 14, and I know you aren't able to see everyone.
4blog 05
4blog 06
We did manage to get a quick 4 generation picture with Big Hair, my mom, me, & the boys.  We were all tired but it's still cute :)
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I am thankful to have gotten to see so many family members & spent that fun day together celebrating everyone!  What a blessing family is (no matter how crazy)!

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