Friday, August 12, 2011

maternity leave

Technically I went on maternity leave on August 1st.  It's a technicality because I have done 2 photo shoots since then and have one more on Monday.  When I planned my maternity leave it was months ago and I was expecting to be massively swollen like I was with Sean & Nolan.  Since I'm not, I have made a couple exceptions.  But I'm not doing anymore after Monday.  It's hot, and I am getting tired ;)  Here are the last sessions I did:

Bethany: Class of 2012 (one of my Senior Reps)
blog bethany_22
Sweet family
blog goble_49
This family won my last FB contest.  They submitted a picture of Adam & Savanna together while she was still pregnant, and he was leaving to be deployed to Iraq.  He is now home safe & sound and we were able to capture their sweet family together as a family of 3!
blog weinstein_12
These girls' daddy just got stationed in Japan, and they (along with mommy of course) are waiting for all the details to fall into place before they join him.  We did a fun girl's shoot and I just LOVE this picture!
blog harrell_07
Such a fun, loving, beautiful family!  4 generations are captured here!
blog porter_68
One of my most favorite pictures :)
blog jacobson_09
My shoot on Monday is of my other Senior Rep.  I am excited, we have some fun things planned!

Our Annibirthary weekend is getting started off tonight and will be going full force until Monday!  We are going to a baseball game in a few minutes and all the proceeds go to the camp that we worked at for abused kids.  Tomorrow we are having a big family "reunion" at my grandparents house.  I get to see a cousin I haven't seen since before Dathan & I got married (so Dathan has never met him) and I get to meet my other cousin's new baby.  Yay!  Sunday is our actual Annibirthary and we have church and then Sean's Star Wars party!  Yay!!!

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