Monday, August 29, 2011

another ballgame

We recently had a fund-raiser for Royal Family Kids Camp (to read more about it click on the RFKC tag at the end of this post) where we sold tickets to our local baseball team's game, and all proceeds went to the camp.  All of our tickets were for the same section behind home plate, so it was a lot of fun to go to the game, support our camp, and be with a TON of friends & family.  It was a gorgeous night & we really enjoyed ourselves.
The sunset was unreal!!!
Kellen has become a regular on my blog.  In between innings they started playing the YMCA song.  And nobody was dancing. So Kellen jumped up and led everyone (not just our group) in the dance. They really should consider hiring him!!
At the end of the night was a fireworks show.  Since the boys haven't seen one in the last 2 years, they really don't remember what they are like. Well, Sean sat like this the whole time. And Nolan was in tears by the end of it.  Oh well, maybe next year they will like fireworks ;)
I just love being able to support something we love & spend time with our family & friends at the same time.  Hopefully we can continue our relationship with not only the Jethawks but other public figures to get exposure & help with fund-raising for our camp.  God opens up so many amazing doors for us!!!

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Peyton's Pages said...

Love the sunset picture! Baseball is the best!