Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 on tuesday!

Happy 10 on Tuesday!

1.) Our friends live in the same townhouse complex as us, and we love it!  It's a play dates & swim dates & can I please borrow your hand mixer & a cup of sugar type of friendship.  So thankful for them!
3blog 01
2.) Sean wanted to wear his pj's under his clothes for the day. And then when I asked to take a picture Nolan wanted to be in it and wanted to do the same exact pose as Sean.
3blog 02
3.) I keep forgetting to post this, but I bought it off a sweet lady on Etsy and I LOOOOOOVE it.  She even personalized it for me and got it in the color I wanted, in such a reasonable amount of time.  Our family rules.  One of my favorite wall hangings in our home!
3blog 03
4.) He fell asleep like this.
3blog 04
5.) One of my favorite things to do is hang out with the intern girls & leaders from our youth group at church.  A lot of times I will put the boys to bed & meet up with them at around 9:00pm and hang out for a few hours.  DJ is so much fun!  And she was such a trooper because we were sitting in Denny's and it was 11:50pm and I realized I hadn't taken my picture of the day yet so she let me take one of her :)
3blog 05
6.) Trying to get a belly shot with the bathroom door open at my parents and this is what happens...
3blog 06
7.) The first Monday of every month we have Girl's Night Out with lots of us friends from church.  We have a blast!  One month we'll go out somewhere and the next we'll have it at someone's house.  We all enjoy a night of hanging out with no kids & no husbands.  And outdoor seating on a beautiful summer night? Perfection!
3blog 07
8.) I heart summer fruit. We go through it like nobody's business.  But if I don't cut the tops off the strawberries & put them in a bowl or pull all the grapes off & put them in a bowl too, we won't eat them.  We are an "open the fridge and grab a handful of fruit" kind of family (the boys do it too!).
3blog 08
9.) Dathan is pretty much the coolest daddy ever. This is one of the many reasons I believe God keeps giving us boys.  I mean seriously... whose husband goes down the stairs on a crib mattress with their kids??
3blog 09
10..) Sean is my little helper.  Nolan was trying to help pick up (his new obsession... I'm not complaining!) and threw the clothes I had picked out for the boys for the day in the washing machine.  Well, he attempted to throw them in the washing machine but it was closed, so they flew behind the washing machine.  I couldn't reach them so Sean climbed up and I handed him a broom and he maneuvered the shirts & shorts out for me.  He's awesome.
3blog 10


hanneyjo said...

I really like your rules board! very neat!

Evan helps me out of tight spots all the time, too. :)

Kimberly Thomas said...

Re: #8
Its so true!!! If I don't prepare all the fruit to be eaten, it goes bad! Its just so nice to have it all ready to go when you want a quick snack! Love reading your blog girl!