Friday, July 22, 2011

Royal Family Kids camp- Thursday

Wow I got way behind on the camp updates.  Not that anyone has been reading them, but I think this is important to have on file ;) 

So Thursday has to be one of the funnest days of camp!  We do a theme day every year, and this year it was on Thursday & the theme was Hawaiian luau!  It was so fun to see everyone dress up & all the decorations.  We had a special group come from our area- Hawaiian praise dancers!  It was SO neat!  These ladies were beautiful and held the kids attention the whole time.  We loved having them come!
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Thursday is an awesome day as well because it is.... EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!
Every Royal family Kids camp does it, because when the camp was first founded they realized that the majority of these children in the foster system have never had a birthday party.  So we fix that at camp and give them all one there!  
I love how we do ours.  During activity time we have some ladies from local salons come & donate their time to give the girls princess hairstyles & do their nails.  The girls LOVE it.  Then we have dinner & a special birthday chapel service, then head back to the dining hall for the party.  Because it was luau themed that is how we decorated for the party... too cute!
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Look at all those presents!  We get the most amazing gifts donated... I believe in these bags were Disney dvd's... and their very own mp3 players loaded with songs we sing at camp and worship songs for kids!!
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But the biggest surprise for the kids were their brand new Razor scooters & helmets!  Seriously, how awesome are these gifts?  And how cute are my parents riding them in to show the kids (we didn't actually give them the scooters til we got to the church on Friday).
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The party is so much fun!  The kids get cake, ice cream, & soda (the rest of the week we limit their sugar intake).  Then the night always ends with a dance party!  Please remember the identities of these children have to be protected, which is why there are some faces that are blurred out.
Oh what a fun day!  The kids are so hyper & go to bed later but they usually sleep great!  It's nice to have something so fun to do before Friday, because it is always hard to say goodbye...


Krista said...

Oh yes! We ARE reading these...I am the world's worst commenter, but thought I'd give you some encouragement today. I love reading your updates & feeling a part of your life from across the country! Maybe one day soon I will remember to work on my own blog. :)

A Family of Love said...

Yes I am reading! I think this camp sounds amazing! I think that every post that you have put up, I've cried! This is something that these kids are going to remember and cherish for a lifetime.