Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!!!

My dad is so awesome that today is his birthday AND father's day!  He has always worked so hard to provide for our family & is a wonderful Papa to my boys!

My husband is so awesome because he has given me 2 (almost 3) beautiful boys and is the best daddy I know.  I could not have picked out a better daddy for my children or husband for me!  He plays with them, has fun with them, leads by example, and shows them how to love God & become men of God.

My dad AND Dathan are both awesome, because they are giving up their Father's Day to serve.  We leave today to go to Royal Family Kids camp, a camp for abused & neglected children in our area.  My mom and dad are the directors, I am on staff (photographer & in charge of the teen helpers), and Dathan will be working as a counselor.  Please keep us all in your prayers this week as we give to these kids who often don't receive a lot of love!  And pray for me and Dathan as this is the longest we have ever left the boys!

Happy Father's Day!

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