Monday, May 9, 2011

first few days in bama

So a little catch up on our Alabama adventure- we are having such a fun, relaxing time!  When were blessed with a non-stop flight from LAX to Nashville, which was awesome.  Getting through security wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be- they had a special line for families so we got to bypass the long lines and waited only a fraction of the time we would have.  Of course, we had about a gazillion bins of stuff to go through the x-ray machine- between carry-ons for all 4 of us, all of our electronics and the boys carseats!  It was a LOT of stuff!  But we made it.  We sat ourselves in the very last rows of the plane, and the flight wasn't full so nobody sat by the people with kids ;)

The boys were great travelers.  This was Nolan's first time on a plane and it has been about 2.5 years since Sean has flown last.  Nolan looked like this the majority of the time:
1blog 01
Dathan & I switched seats about half-way through the flight so that we got to sit next to both boys.
1blog 02
Sean was so excited to be watching a movie. Ha!
1blog 03
I had to try to get me in a picture too.  It was pretty boring sitting by Nolan, since he was out like a light the whole time.  But that is ok with me, because I would prefer that over a screaming or whining child!
1blog 04
We got into Nashville about 9:00pm and had to get all our luggage & meet our friends outside.  Then we had to eat (hadn't eaten dinner yet) & drive home, so it was a late night.  We stayed the night at Dathan's sister's place instead of driving all the way out to the country (an extra half hour to the drive).  We slept in the next morning and then spent the day hanging out with Dathan's sister Stephani and letting all the kids play (Steph has 2 daughters).  It was fun to watch the kids all play together.
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That night we stayed in the country at Dathan's parents' house and hung out the majority of the next day there too.  It was nice to relax and I have to admit I spent a LOT of time catching up on editing wedding photos (I shot 2 weddings in April)!  The boys also enjoyed Mimi & Papa's AWESOME bathtub.  Dathan built it, and it is beautiful :)
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We have been up to much more than this, but I will share more later ;)

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Fresh Mommy said...

Oh how fun!! What a great trip so far... and I totally prefer when my kids sleep on flights!!! :)