Monday, February 21, 2011

ouch! (not for the faint of heart!)

Never a dull moment in the lives of boys!

On the eve of my birthday, Nolan was playing in the family room.  Dathan had just left to return a movie to Redbox, and we were having a relaxing evening at home with my parents, waiting for dinner to be done.

All of a sudden Nolan falls over, hits his head on the brick fireplace, & begins to cry.  As a mom, I am familiar with my kids' cries.  I knew immediately that he was hurt, and not just fussing.  I rushed over to him to check him over, and when I turned him around I saw some deep red blood gushing from the back of his head.

I brought him in the living room where I tried to calm him down, my dad rushed to get his EMT kid from the garage, & my mom hurried to get a warm washcloth for me.  I am so thankful they were there to help!  As we began to look we could tell that the gash was pretty deep, and that he would probably need stitches.

I call Dathan and tell him to immediately come home because Nolan needed to go to the ER.  I'm sure that freaked him out!  He got home & we rushed Nolan to AV Hospital, leaving Sean with my parents at home.  Now I have heard horror stories of people waiting for hours upon hours in that ER, so we were prepared to wait.  Well, probably because he was so young and had blood coming from his head, they rushed him right in.

The ER Dr came in & said that he would need staples.  STAPLES?!  That made it sound really bad to me!  But we soon realized that it was actually a faster, more efficient, & cleaner way to take care of it.  If he had stitches they would have had to shave his head, then stitch him up, which would have taken awhile.  But with the staples they literally gave him a numbing shot & immediately after gave him 2 staples, and they were done.  No more than 5 seconds.

Nolan was such a trooper.  He cried, but I think it was more because we were holding him down than anything.  When the Dr explained what they would have to do, I almost started crying & thought for sure I wouldn't be able to stay in there while they did it.  But I did good, I am so proud of myself! :) 

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That's a pretty nasty wound, isn't it?  He did great, we were so proud of him.  I just know as the mom of 2 boys I'm sure I have plenty more of this to look forward to in my future....

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Nancy said...

Bless his sweet little head!
I think the next one is a girl :)