Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in 66 pictures & a few words


I love new years & new beginnings, getting excited for change & growth.  But I also love looking back on all God has done in our lives.  So here is a little snippet of the Stephens, 2010!

January: Froze outside.  Niece Maddison was born 6 weeks early.  Took a color walk with the boys.  Packed up our house to move.
February: Moved out of our house.  I turned 27 & had dinner with friends at PF Changs.  Had several snow days.  Nolan turned 1.  Had to postpone his birthday party due to the entire family getting the stomach bug.
March: Finally had Nolan's bday party.  Went to Rockford for a visit to see friends.  Met Superman.  Slid down the ramp on Dathan's parents deck in Nolan's new push car.
April: Celebrated Easter with Dathan's family at a park on a beautiful day.  Followed God's voice to leave our church, the Ark.  Sean was very creative in dressing himself.  Spent lots of time outside.
May: Went to Chattanooga with Dathan's parents on Mother's Day weekend.  Played in the rain.  The boys got their first "real" haircuts (from someone other than mommy or daddy).  Had a fun Memorial Day party at a friends house.
June: Sean started gymnastics.  Celebrated Father's Day at Dathan's parents house grilling out.  Drove to California for a "visit."  Enjoyed spending time with good friends who we hadn't seen in years.
July: Went to a 4th of July parade at a friend's house.  My brother Brian & his wife Candace visited from OK.  4th of July party at my best friend Erin's house.  Went to Knotts Berry Farm.  Family reunion in Paso Robles.  Went up to Manteca to visit.
August: Went camping with our Marriage Maters class and had the BEST time.  After much prayer & fasting announced our move back to California.  Celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Sean turned 4.  Threw him a Toy Story party.  Went to the fair & watched the figure 8 races with friends.
September: Sean started preschool.  My good friend Natalie came for a quick visit from Montana.  I shot a wedding up in Manteca.  We got involved in Pulse Student Ministries at church.
October: Dathan turned 31 & we had a fun bbq to celebrate.  Went to Pulse's 3rd birthday party- 80's theme!  Dathan left for Alabama for 6 weeks to tie up loose ends, finish up some jobs, & pack.  I took the boys to the pumpkin patch twice.  Went to the Fall Family Fun Fest at church and also went trick-or-treating (both boy's first time!) with our friends.
November: Dathan came home & we had a low-key month of just hanging out as a family.  I was busier than I ever had been with my photography.  Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in 4 years!
December: Walked on the Blvd a couple times to check out their Christmas lights.  Watched Sean's first school Christmas program.  Walked around to look at more Christmas lights.  Built a gingerbread man.  Made happy birthday, Jesus cupcakes.  Spent Christmas morning with my parents & afternoon at my grandparents.  Went to several Christmas parties.
Can't wait to see what next year has in store!!!


Peyton's Pages said...

Loved you recap. I feel like I just read about these things. This has been the faster summer, and fall ever!

Nancy said...

Precious pictures of a sweet family! I love your bangs!

hanneyjo said...

cute post! Nolan has grown so much! He looks like such a big boy!