Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 on tuesday

1.) We went to the "dog park" the other evening as a family.  It was SO crowded... must have been the place to be that night.  There is a really nice walking trail that is 1/3 mi (for 1 lap) so we all walked around it first (even Zeke, the dog).
083110_blog 04

2.) Nolan had a grand time running in the grass
083110_blog 03

3.) The boys were playing tag
083110_blog 02

4.) This picture cracks me up.  Nolan is like "come on guys!"  We all walked 1 lap then Dathan took the boys to the playground and my mom & I did about 4-5 more laps (I don't remember).  The weather was perfect!
083110_blog 01

5.) Sean & I did art projects together the other day.  Of course, when Sean paints, he always wants to wear just his underwear. HA!
090310_blog 06

6.) We went to Michael's and I let him pick out a little wooden animal to paint, as well as some paint colors.  He chose a dinosaur and the 6 pack of bright colors.
090310_blog 05

7.) This is how he says "cheese" for me now
090310_blog 04

8.) Memaw & Nolan had to come outside and see what all the fun was about.  Nolan wanted to paint so badly, he LOVES art.  I'm not quite ready to let him paint yet ;)
090310_blog 03

9.) Here is Sean's finished product.  Once it was dry he played with it for 2 days straight.  Too cute!
090310_blog 02

10.) And of course we couldn't have paint time without me having something to paint too ;)  I found a little $1 wooden frame and painted that.  I want to do something else to it but I don't know what yet.  My recent obsession is turquoise and birds so I of course incorporated that into my painting.  When we get our own place I want to do turquoise in the kitchen!
090310_blog 01


Jenna said...

So cute! I can't believe how big the boys are though... it's just too much! Great job on the painting- both you and Sean ;)

Nancy said...

So cute! Cheryl is on a bird kick, too...she would love your frame.